Our Vision at The Bible Says is to empower readers to fully access the Bible’s transcendent truths, to know the Creator of all things and follow the path to a completed and fulfilled life, by providing Bible commentary and study tools.

The Bible Says seeks to revolutionize your personal bible study by providing easy to navigate commentary covering every verse in the Bible. We seek to empower believers by giving them tools that will assist in their spiritual growth by enhancing direct access to the Biblical text. You will be able to quickly zoom into a verse or verses, and then zoom out to see the chapter context, and even zoom out further to see the book and Biblical context. The word text comes from the Greek word textus, from which we get the word textile, as in a fabric. We believe the whole Bible is a beautiful tapestry. Like a tapestry you cannot see where each thread connects from the front of the tapestry. But from the backside of the tapestry we see that each thread connects to other parts of the work. Likewise, understanding and studying the Bible as a whole is very important, because every chapter and every verse was written with the intention that it be read in context. We will have a quick way for you to follow these “Tapestry Links.”