Amos 4 Commentary

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Amos 4:1-3

Amos addresses the wives of the wealthy oppressors in Samaria and says that they will be pulled from the city either to captivity or to death.

Amos 4:4-5

Amos sarcastically invites the Israelites to enter Bethel and Gilgal to continue their devout worship practices, which are transgressions against God.

Amos 4:6-11

Amos spells out several calamities that the LORD sent to Israel to catch their attention so that they might return to Him. But all this was done to no avail. The Israelites refuse to return to the LORD their God.

Amos 4:12-13

Amos explains how God challenges the Israelites to prepare to meet Him in a terrifying confrontation of judgment because they refuse to repent. God would enforce the terms of the covenant upon His covenant people, as He had promised, and as they had agreed.