Amos 6 Commentary

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Amos 6:1-3

Amos warns the preeminent leaders of Israel and Judah against their false confidence of security and urges them to learn from what happened to three nearby city-states—Calneh, Hamath the great, and Gath.

Amos 6:4-7

Amos warns the preeminent leaders of Israel of the impending judgment and provides a detailed description of their luxurious lifestyle and their self-indulgence. Since these notable leaders enjoy their riches and disregard God’s covenantal laws, their luxury will be short-lived because God will send them into exile at the head of the exiles.

Amos 6:8

Through the oracle of Amos, the LORD swears by Himself that He will deliver up the city of Samaria and all it contains because He detests the arrogance of Jacob and detests his citadels.

Amos 6:9-11

Amos illustrates how the LORD’s judgment on Samaria will decimate the population. Even if ten people gather in one house for safety, they will not escape judgment. Then if one relative comes to carry the dead bodies to burn them, he will be so afraid that if he finds a survivor hiding in the house, he will urge him not to mention the name of the LORD, lest the LORD becomes angry and takes further actions.

Amos 6:12-14

Amos asks two rhetorical questions to expose Israel’s perversion of justice. Since the Israelites pervert justice and boast of their military victories, Amos says that the LORD will raise up a nation to afflict them and erase their military exploits.