Daniel receives his final and most detailed vision. After spending three weeks mourning, praying, and denying himself good food, he is visited by a messenger of God. The messenger, or angel, approaches Daniel while he is at the banks of the Tigris river, scaring off the other men there with him. Daniel too is frightened of this visitor; the angel has dazzling skin and eyes, and he is dressed with a golden belt. His voice sounds like many voices talking at the same time. Daniel faints and is revived by the angel, who then appears less intimidating. The angel explains to Daniel that he came to give Daniel understanding, and that Daniel is treasured and held in high esteem by God. The angel would have visited sooner, except that he was delayed for three weeks by the Prince of Persia, a demonic power. Michael, one of the chief angels, and a “prince” of Israel helped this messenger escape from the demonic opposition. Daniel can’t understand why he is worthy to be visited by an angel, and the messenger comforts him again, telling him to be brave. The message he brings is about what will happen to Israel in the future, even in the last days.

Daniel 10:1-3

During the reign of King Cyrus, Daniel receives another message from God about a great conflict in the future.

Daniel 10:4-9

Daniel sees a vision of a man dressed in wealthy clothing, whose skin and eyes are shining and dazzling. Daniel faints when he sees this heavenly visitor.

Daniel 10:10-14

The angel brings a message from God about Israel and the future. A demon had prevented the angel for three weeks from reaching Daniel.

Daniel 10:15-21

The angel strengthens Daniel and begins to tell him the message about Israel’s future.