In this chapter, King Nebuchadnezzar has another dream that he and his wise men are unable to interpret. He once again turns to Daniel to understand what his dream means. Daniel tells him that his dream means his kingdom will be taken from him and he will live as a wild animal. This will be done to him so that he may recognize that God is the one and only ruler over mankind and does as he pleases. All that Daniel interpreted happened to Nebuchadnezzar. Once he recognized that God is true and powerful and just as Daniel predicted, Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom and dominion was restored to him. God chose to discipline king Nebuchadnezzar in order to bring him to the truth.

Daniel 4:1-3

Nebuchadnezzar begins his letter by proclaiming God’s power.

Daniel 4:4-9

Nebuchadnezzar recounts his efforts to have his dreams interpreted.

Daniel 4:10-13

Nebuchadnezzar recounts his dream.

Daniel 4:14-16

Nebuchadnezzar continues recounting his dream, repeating what the angelic watcher told him.

Daniel 4:17

The angel finishes telling Nebuchadnezzar what will happen. Here he tells him why it will happen.

Daniel 4:18-19a

Daniel is hesitant to tell the king the interpretation of his dream.

Daniel 4:19b-23

Daniel begins interpreting the king’s dream.

Daniel 4:24-27

Daniel finishes interpreting the dream and implores the king to change his ways.

Daniel 4:28-33

All that Daniel predicted would happen to Nebuchadnezzar is fulfilled.

Daniel 4:34-37

Again, as predicted, once seven years had passed, Nebuchadnezzar acknowledged that it is God who rules and he received his kingdom back.