Daniel 9 Commentary

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Daniel 9:1-2

Daniel reads the prophecies of Jeremiah concerning the 70 year punishment of the Jews.

Daniel 9:3-6

Daniel prays to God. He praises the Lord for His faithfulness, and confesses the sins of the Jews’ disobedience.

Daniel 9:7-11

While praying to God, Daniel emphasizes the righteousness of the Lord contrasted with the sinfulness of His people. Daniel, an exile, admits that God’s punishment is just.

Daniel 9:12-14

While praying, Daniel meditates on the scale and intensity of God’s punishment toward His people. Daniel admits that God is right in all He does and the Jews have disobeyed Him.

Daniel 9:15-19

After confessing sin and praising God for His righteousness, Daniel asks the Lord to hear his prayer. Daniel hopes that God will spare the Jews from further punishment, and restore them to Jerusalem.

Daniel 9:20-23

Gabriel, an angel from God, brings God’s answer to Daniel. At the moment Daniel began praying, God sent this messenger to speak to him.

Daniel 9:24-25

God answers Daniel: Seventy “sevens” have been decreed. Not only will Jerusalem be rebuilt and restored, but God will send His Messiah, sin and transgressions will be finished, disobedience will be atoned for, prophecies will be finished, and righteousness will last forever.

Daniel 9:26-27

The Messiah will be cut off, Jerusalem will be destroyed again. A prince will come in the future and betray Israel, but will ultimately be destroyed.