Throughout Chapter 7, Solomon is wrestling with the troublesome and mysterious nature of the world. He has discovered the practical and philosophical value of wisdom. But how does this alleviate (or contribute to) the mysteries of human existence? And how can wisdom be used properly?

The mystery of life does not disqualify us from having to make choices. And some choices are better than others. The difficulties of life are not a practical problem to be solved, but a reality to be accepted. They are also an invitation to fear God and place our trust in Him. This is the best we can do. All we can do. The tragic situations in life are better than the superficial ones because they invite us into this trust in God; they awaken us to our need to make choices. They set aside our foolish schemes, revealing them as ineffective, and make us ponder who is in control, who is in charge, and what we ought to do in response.

Ecclesiastes 7:1-6

Some realities are difficult to accept but can lead to an awareness of the value of life.

Ecclesiastes 7:7-10

Life has distractions and temptations, but patience and appreciating the present are the wisest options.

Ecclesiastes 7:11-14

Wisdom can shade us from the difficulties of this world, starting with understanding that God is the true source of stability.

Ecclesiastes 7:15-18

Seeking balance and humility helps to reduce our sin frequency and steward our days with wisdom.

Ecclesiastes 7:19-22

Wisdom and prudence will save you some headaches, freeing you to rest, forgive, and adopt a healthy perspective.

Ecclesiastes 7:23-26

The snares of folly can destroy us. And although wisdom is a mystery, trusting in God is better for us than the alternatives.

Ecclesiastes 7:27-29

Seeking ways apart from God’s design leads to corruption.