Chapter 10 continues the description of the plagues upon Egypt. Specifically, it covers plagues eight (locusts) and nine (darkness). These plagues, the last two in the last group of plagues, were quite severe.


Chapter 10 can be outlined as follows:

  • The Plague of Locusts (10:1 – 20)
  • The Plague of Darkness (10:21 – 29)

Exodus 10:1-20

In the eighth plague, the LORD used that which was (and still is) a scourge to the Egyptians and others to this day – locusts. These insects were (and still are) voracious eaters of any plant life that they can find.

Exodus 10:21-29

Verses 21 – 29 describe the ninth plague. As with the third and sixth plagues, it was unannounced. There was no bartering between Moses and Pharaoh, so there was no warning given. It involved a darkness that has never been seen in a country where the sun almost shines every day. As in previous plagues, Israel was not affected by this plague.