Chapter 28 continues the description of the tasks and responsibilities of the priests that began in Exodus 27:20 and continue through Exodus 30:38. This chapter concentrates on the garments that were to be worn by the priests as they went about their work of service to the LORD. The account of the making of these garments can be found in Exodus 39:1 – 30

Exodus 28 can be outlined as follows:
● The Reason for the Priestly Garments (28:1 – 5)
● The Ephod (28:6 – 14)
● The Breastpiece of Judgment (28:15 – 30)
● The Robe of the Ephod (28:31 – 35)
● The Golden Plate (28:36 – 38)
● The Tunics for the Priests (28:39)
● The Warning Against Deviating from These Instructions (28:40 – 43)

Exodus 28:1-5

The LORD describes the priestly garments that are to be made by skilled craftsmen. These garments for Aaron and his sons.

Exodus 28:6-14

The LORD describes how the ephod was to be made. It was an outer piece of clothing that covered the upper body of the priest.

Exodus 28:15-21

God describes how to make the breastpiece for the priestly outfit. It was to be made of the same material as the ephod and was to have twelve stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

Exodus 28:22-28

The description of the breastpiece continues.

Exodus 28:29-30

God commands that the Urim and the Thummim be placed in the breastpiece over Aaron’s heart.

Exodus 28:31-35

The LORD describes how the High Priest’s robe was to be made.

Exodus 28:36-39

The LORD describes the golden plate. It was to adorn the turban and be worn on the High Priest’s head.

Exodus 28:40-43

The LORD describes what ordinary priests were to wear.