Exodus 36 Commentary

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Exodus 36:1-7

Bezalel & Oholiab started to work on the construction of the tabernacle, and all the while the people continued to bring their contributions.

Exodus 36:8-13

The tabernacle construction begins. In these verses, the curtains were created by the skilled artisan Bezalel.

Exodus 36:14-19

The roof curtains of the tabernacle were made a specific size along with loops and clasps. A covering for the tabernacle was also made.

Exodus 36:20-30

The boards for the walls of the tabernacle are built.

Exodus 36:31-34

The cross bars used in the tabernacle are built.

Exodus 36:35-38

The veil for the tabernacle was made. This veil was what separated the Holy of Holies from the Holy Place inside the tabernacle.