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Exodus 37:10-16 meaning

The table of showbread and the items required to carry it are constructed. The specifications for building these items were given in Exodus 25:23 – 30.

Next, Bezalel the chief craftsman made the table, also called "the table of showbread" (1 Chronicles 28:16):

It was made of acacia wood. Acacia wood was a common material in the construction of the tabernacle frame and many items in the tabernacle.

Its dimensions were two cubits long and a cubit wide and one and a half cubits high. This made the table around three feet (91 centimeters) long, one and one-half feet (45 centimeters) wide and two and a quarter feet (68 centimeters) in height.

Bezalel overlaid it with pure gold, including a gold molding for it all around.

He also made a rim for it of a handbreadth all around along with a gold molding for its rim all around.

For easy transport, he cast four gold rings for it and put the rings on the four corners that were on its four feet. They were positioned close by the rim and served as the holders for the poles to carry the table.

Next, he made the poles of acacia wood and overlaid them with gold, to carry the table.

In addition to the table itself, he made the utensils which were on the table, which were its dishes, pans, bowls, jars, with which to pour out drink offerings.

The fact that the utensils were made of pure gold showed their importance in the worship of the LORD.


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