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Exodus 39:1 meaning

Material for the priestly garments is manufactured. The specifications for making the material was given in Exodus 28:5.

The material for the priests' clothing was the blue and purple and scarlet material that was used for the tabernacle. It was likely woolen threads dyed blue, purple and scarlet (Hebrews 9:19). With this material they made finely woven garments for ministering in the holy place as well as the holy garments which were for Aaron. Both the priests' clothing and those worn by Aaron the high priest were made with this material. Again, they did just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

Some translations add "of service" to the description of finely woven garments. Some Jewish tradition holds that these finely woven materials "of service" were used to cover the articles, such as the ark, when it was being transported. The Mishneh (written Jewish oral tradition) says the Israelites put tools, such as shovels and hooks, on top of the altar, then covered it with the multi-colored, finely woven fabric "of service," then further covered it with an outer layer of goat hair fabric, similar to the tabernacle. Then the Israelites mounted the ark on poles and carried it to the next destination. This could be part of the reason that linen is not included for this material, to make it more suitable as a protective covering.


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