Exodus 4 Commentary

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Exodus 4:1-9

Moses’ third objection deals with unbelief on the part of the Israelites. “What if they do not believe me?” seems to be the issue. The LORD answers him with three miracles.

Exodus 4:10-12

Moses’ fourth objection centers around his feeling of inadequacy for the job God wants him to do. The job involved quite a bit of speaking, often in the presence of people in authority, like Pharaoh and the elders of Israel. Moses cites what might have been a speech impediment. It was his faulty view of God’s ability to overcome his speech problem that caused him to offer this objection.

Exodus 4:13-17

Moses’ fifth objection can be summarized by the phrase “Find someone else.” Even after the LORD’s promise of His abiding presence with him as he does what He has told him to do, Moses rejects him. The LORD got angry at Moses, but even so, He graciously provided even more support in the form of Aaron his brother.

Exodus 4:18-31

All of Moses’ objections have now been answered, and he was convinced that the LORD would be with him as he goes back to Egypt. But there was another confrontation between the LORD and Moses concerning his son not being circumcised. Once that issue was resolved, Moses and Aaron could return to Egypt and speak to the leaders of Israel in Egypt, persuading them through Aaron’s words and Moses’ miraculous signs. There are four sections to this passage: