Exodus 6:26-27 meaning

Verses covered in this passage:

  • Exodus 6:26
  • Exodus 6:27

These verses (26 – 27) can be viewed as the reason for the genealogy.

Aaron and Moses (note the order they are mentioned – Aaron the eldest first), of the tribe of Levi (the future priestly line), are the ones that have been given a mandate by the LORD to speak to Pharaoh on His behalf.

An interesting addition to this commission is the phrase according to their hosts. Literally this reads “according to their armies.” The idea seems to be that Israel would not leave Egypt as a disorganized mob of freed slaves but in an organized people under the LORD’s guidance.

Biblical Text:

26 It was the same Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord said, “Bring out the sons of Israel from the land of Egypt according to their hosts.” 27 They were the ones who spoke to Pharaoh king of Egypt about bringing out the sons of Israel from Egypt; it was the same Moses and Aaron.

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