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Galatians 1:3-5 meaning

Paul clearly explains the true gospel in the first few verses of his letter.

In the first five verses of this letter, Paul has already established his gospel (good news) message: that Christ died for our sins, then God raised Him from the dead to rescue us from this present evil age. All according to the will of our God.

Paul presents his gospel message upfront. In the next verse, Paul will chastise the Galatians for abandoning this very message.

As we will see in later chapters, Paul is fighting back against the false gospel message that holds living by rules and laws in place of walking by faith in Christ and His death on the cross.

The power of the cross rescues us from this present evil age. Paul will emphasize in Galatians that it is walking by faith in the power of the Spirit that is the proper outworking of the gospel of grace. This is the will of our God and Father, to be rescued from the penalty as well as the power of sin in our lives. As we will see, following religious rules holds no such power.

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