In chapter one, we find the account of God creating the heavens and the earth. In the beginning, He formed all things perfectly. We learn that there is a beginning, a definite point in time that starts with the Creator. God, the creator, made everything in 6 days: light, sky, dry ground, bodies of water, plants, the sun, moon, stars, and planets, fish, birds, land animals, and then finally he created man. Man, the crown jewel of creation, was flawless, capable of fellowship with God, and able to enjoy and govern Eden. In Genesis chapter one we discover that God truly is the source of all.

Genesis 1:1

The Bible begins with God creating the entire universe.

Genesis 1:2-5

This is the first full day of creation. God creates light and separates it from the darkness. He names the light “day” and the darkness “night.”

Genesis 1:6-8

During the second day of creation, God separates the heavens from the earth.

Genesis 1:9-13

During the beginning of the third day of creation, God divides the seas and the dry land. Then, He creates plant life and vegetation.

Genesis 1:14-19

God creates the sun, moon, and stars, on the fourth day of creation. The sun, moon, and stars provide the daily and seasonal cycles and the calculation of time.

Genesis 1:20-23

On the fifth day of creation, God creates the creatures of the sky and sea.

Genesis 1:24-27

The sixth day of creation finds God creating the rest of the land animals and then He makes man in His own image.

Genesis 1:28-31

God finishes the sixth day of creation by commanding man to be fruitful and multiply, and subdue the earth.