Genesis 13 Commentary

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Genesis 13:1-4

Abram returns from Egypt to Canaan with even more wealth. He worships God for his blessings.

Genesis 13:5-7

Conflicts break out between Lot and Abram’s herdsmen. The Canaanites and Perizzites lived in the land too.

Genesis 13:8-11

Abram did not want any strife, so he gave Lot the choice of land. Lot chose the land to the east in the valley of Jordan. Uncle and nephew parted from each other.

Genesis 13:12-15

Abram stays in Canaan and God restates His promises to give this land to him and his descendants.

Genesis 13:16-18

God reminds Abram of the promise to give him numerous descendants and reaffirms the length and breadth of the land that will be theirs. Abram moves to Hebron and builds an altar.