In chapter 20 Abraham moves to Gerar 40 miles west of Hebron near the sea coast. At Gerar Abraham and Sarah have another experience like the one with Pharaoh (Genesis 12:10-20). Sarah is identified to King Abimelech as Abraham’s sister, and he takes her. But, God intervenes and eventually, all is restored.

Genesis 20:1-4

Abraham moves to Gerar. He told King Abimelech that Sarah was his sister. Therefore, the king sent for and took Sarah. However, in a dream, God revealed to Abimelech that Sarah was married.

Genesis 20:5-7

Abimelech pleaded with God in his dream that he believed Sarah was not married and he was innocent and without sin. God agreed and told the king to restore Sarah to Abraham.

Genesis 20:8-11

Abimelech awoke and called for Abraham. He asked Abraham why he had misled them. Abraham replied he thought he would be killed because of his wife, because there was no fear of God in this place.

Genesis 20:12-15

Abraham disclosed that Sarah was actually his sister, being the daughter of his father. Then King Abimelech gave Abraham sheep, oxen, and servants. He also restored Sarah to Abraham and told him to settle wherever he wanted in the kingdom.

Genesis 20:16-18

Abraham prayed for the king and his household. God healed Abimelech’s wife and maids so that they could have children.