Genesis 7 Commentary

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Genesis 7:1-5

God tells Noah to enter the ark. Further instructions are to take a male and female of every unclean creature and seven pairs of every clean creature into the ark. The flood would begin in seven days and last forty days destroying every living thing on the earth. Noah obeyed God.

Genesis 7:6-14

Noah was 600 years old when the flood came. There were eight people, and a male and female of every kind of animal on the ark as God had commanded. The waters of the flood came from the deeps of the earth and the sky. It rained for forty days and nights. However, Noah, his family, and all the animals were secure in the ark.

Genesis 7:15-20

By twos (male and female) they entered the ark, and God sealed the ark. The rain came and lifted the ark. It floated as the waters continued to rise even covering the mountains.

Genesis 7:21-24

Every living thing left on the earth died and was blotted out. Only Noah and those safe in the ark escaped the judgment of the flood. The flood water was on the earth 150 days before it began to recede.