Hebrews 1:10-12 meaning

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  • Hebrews 1:10
  • Hebrews 1:11
  • Hebrews 1:12

The Lord created the earth and the heavens, they will perish but the Lord is the same.

These verses, quoting Psalm 102:25-27 and Isaiah 51:6; refer to the unchanging and steadfast nature of the Son. The Lord (Son) laid the foundation of the earth and created the heavens by His hands.  Everything in the heavens and earth are works of the Son’s hands, and even when they change, He remains the same. He is the Creator who spoke the heavens and earth into existence, He is currently sustaining them, and at His word, the heavens and the earth will pass away. The earth and heavens being rolled up and changed like a garment refers to the Day of the Lord when the heavens and earth will be destroyed and a New Heaven and Earth will be created where righteousness will dwell (2 Peter 3:10-13). Even after the destruction of everything we know as humans and much of what the Lord created, the Lord will remain the same. He is eternal in nature and his years will not come to an end.

Jesus is sitting on the throne and has been granted the reward of “land” as a Son. This is guaranteed by God and is a certainty. Often we can look at things around us and wonder where God is. But the answer is clear in these verses, God is on His throne. And Jesus is at His right hand, both as God and as a man. And when the earth burns and is remade, it will be with Jesus as the King. And angels will be serving Jesus.

Biblical Text:
10 And, “You, Lord, in the beginning laid the foundation of the earth,
And the heavens are the works of Your hands;
11 They will perish, but You remain;
And they all will become old like a garment,
12 And like a mantle You will roll them up;
Like a garment they will also be changed.
But You are the same,
And Your years will not come to an end.”

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