In this letter, Paul has already mentioned that Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek but he doubted his readers could understand since they had not gone on to maturity. In this chapter, Paul explains Christ’s priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. Paul is emphasizing that the priesthood of Christ is greater than any other priest, we have gained access to this great high priest through Christ’s death, and this priest gives us the ability to live an obedient life.

Hebrews 7:1-3

Paul starts out by explaining the great priesthood of Melchizedek as a reflection of the priesthood of Jesus.

Hebrews 7:4-10

Melchizedek was greater than Abraham and greater than other priests because Abraham gave him a tenth of the spoils and because Abraham received a blessing from Melchizedek.

Hebrews 7:11-19

The Levitical priesthood and the law were necessary parts of the Old Covenant. Someone greater than the Levite priests was needed because of the insufficiency of the law to make people perfect.

Hebrews 7:20-28

If human perfection could have come through the Levitical priesthood and the Old Covenant (the law), we would not have needed the greater priest (Christ) and the New Covenant He brought.