James 2 Commentary

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James 2:14–17

Faith Without Works is Unhelpful. James illustrates how it is not useful to have faith but to fail to take action. If someone is suffering, and a believer merely wishes them well, rather than helping, what good is that? If we do not add action to our faith, our faith grows cold and inert.

James 2:18-20

The Objector Argues Against Adding Works to Faith. James anticipates someone will argue with him, saying that faith and works have no connection to one another. James counters this belief as foolish; to have faith but not act on it is not beneficial.

James 2:21-26

Obedience Puts Life into Our Faith. James shows that works born of faith bring life and purpose to faith. He uses Abraham as an example of someone who had faith, and then did right by obeying God. His works worked together with his faith to create benefit and blessing.