Job 1 Commentary

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Job 1:1-3

Job is a righteous man who fears God. By all accounts he is prosperous. He has ten children, is incredibly wealthy, and owns multiple businesses. 

Job 1:4-5

Job has been blessed by God with seven sons and three daughters. His children would host feasts, rotating at whose house the party would take place.

Job 1:6-12

Satan appears before the throne of God after roaming the earth. God boasts about how righteous Job is. Satan scoffs, claiming that Job only fears God because God protects Job, and has given him wealth and many children.

Job 1:13-22

Satan orchestrates multiple disasters for Job, all on the same day. The Sabeans steal Job’s oxen and donkeys. Fire from the sky consumes his sheep and shepherds. The Chaldeans steal his camels and slay his servants.