Matthew 10 Commentary

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Matthew 10:1-4

Jesus empowers His group of twelve disciples to perform miracles before He sends them throughout the land. Matthew lists the twelve apostles by name.

Matthew 10:5-10

Jesus instructs His disciples in what they are supposed to do when they go throughout the land proclaiming the kingdom, healing, and casting out demons. He tells them places to avoid and what resources they should and should not take with them.

Matthew 10:11-15

Jesus continues to instruct His disciples on their mission throughout Israel. He tells them how to respond when a town receives them favorably and how to respond when a town receives them unfavorably.

Matthew 10:16

Jesus gives two powerful metaphors to help His disciples understand their mission. The first is a warning. The second is an admonition.

Matthew 10:17-20

As Jesus prepares His disciples for the mission they are about to undertake, He prophesies about what will happen to them for His sake and promises that God’s Spirit will be in them and speak through them when they face these persecutions.

Matthew 10:21-22

Jesus puts the disciples on notice that there is a high cost to following Him but there is great reward for those who endure it to the end.

Matthew 10:23

Jesus tells the disciples to quickly move on to the next town if they face hostility, because even as it is there is not enough time to get the message that the Messiah is coming before He appears. Therefore they are not to waste time on those who do not wish to receive this message.

Matthew 10:24-25

Jesus informs His disciples that they will not be greater than Him, but they can be like Him. This likeness (and their greatness) will come through sharing with Him in the suffering. Jesus forecasts that they will be mistreated for following Him, even as He has been mistreated.

Matthew 10:26-27

Jesus tells His disciples that they should not be afraid of what people say against them for following Him. Their words don’t matter. God will reveal the truth. The disciples are to boldly proclaim Jesus’s teachings.

Matthew 10:28

Jesus continues explaining fear to His disciples. He tells them not to fear men who can only harm the body but not the “psuche” (life/soul).

Matthew 10:29-31

Having asked His disciples to willingly die for Him, Jesus assures them that God holds their lives in great value.

Matthew 10:32-33

Jesus puts His disciples on notice of two contrary truths. The first is that the cost of faithfulness is the scorn and persecution of men, but the reward for confessing Jesus before men is His approval and future celebration of them before His Father in heaven.

Matthew 10:34-37

Jesus warns of the deep division that His kingdom message sows among men. It divides even families. He tells His disciples that anyone who does not love Him more than the dearest relationships within their households is not worthy of Him.

Matthew 10:38-39

Jesus bids His disciples to take up their cross and follow after Him. He warns them that everyone will lose their soul/life, but only those who lose their soul/life for His sake will find it.

Matthew 10:40-42

Jesus shares that when someone receives one of His disciples, they are really receiving the Messiah and God who sent the Messiah. And He talks about the rewards one can expect for receiving prophets, righteous men, and giving cups of cold water to little ones in the name of a disciple.