Matthew 21 Commentary

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Matthew 21:1-7

Jesus and the disciples pause as they approach the Mount of Olives, just east of Jerusalem. Jesus sends two disciples to go retrieve a donkey and her unridden colt from the village of Bethphage.

Matthew 21:8-11

Jesus simultaneously enters the city of Jerusalem triumphantly as the Messiah and as the Passover Lamb. Crowds of people shout “Hosanna” and Messianic lines from Psalm 118. His entrance causes a stir among those who are in the city and attracts their curiosity about who He is.

Matthew 21:12-13

Jesus enters the temple and drives out the money changers and merchants. He quotes the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah in His rebuke.

Matthew 21:14-17

Jesus heals the blind and lame in the temple as the children shout Hosanna to the Son of David. The priests were angered by this, and asked Jesus if He heard and approved of what they were saying.

Matthew 21:18-19

In the morning after Jesus’s triumphal entry, Jesus travels back to Jerusalem from where He spent the night in Bethany. He becomes hungry and sees a fig tree in bloom alongside the road. Hoping to find something to eat, He walks up to it.

Matthew 21:20-22

The disciples wonder about the fig tree withering at Jesus’s curse. Jesus teaches them about faith. He tells the disciples if they have faith without doubting, that they will be able to move mountains.

Matthew 21:23-27

The chief priests confront Jesus in the temple and interrogate Him about His authority. They publicly ask Him a framing question hoping to entrap Him. Jesus promises to answer their question if they will answer His alternatively framed question about John the Baptist’s authority.

Matthew 21:28-32

Jesus tells a parable about two disrespectful sons of a vineyard owner. Both are told to go work in the vineyard by their father. The first said he wouldn’t go, but later repented and did. The second said he would go, but never went.

Matthew 21:33-41

Jesus tells the parable of a landowner who plants a vineyard on his land. He then hires vine-growers to work His vineyard while He is away. When the harvest comes, the vineyard owner sends some slaves to collect its produce, but instead of paying the landowner what was His, the vine-growers beat and kill them.

Matthew 21:42-44

Jesus follows up the Sadducees’ and Pharisees’ response to how the landowner will bring the wretched vine-growers to an end with a startling question and a condemning passage from the Psalms.

Matthew 21:45-46

The Sadducees and Pharisees have understood that Jesus was speaking against them. They desire to arrest Him for what He said. But they do not do so at this time, because they are afraid of how the many people who believe Jesus is a prophet will respond if they tried to seize Him.