Matthew 24

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Matthew 24:1-3

Jesus tells the disciples the temple will be destroyed, and it causes the disciples to ask three questions. Jesus will answer the questions in the following verses.

Matthew 24:4-14

Jesus answers the last question first, answering the disciples’ question regarding when the end of the age will come. It will come after greatly increased lawlessness, and after the gospel of the kingdom is preached in the entire world as a testimony to all the nations.

Matthew 24:15-28

Jesus now answers the second question about the sign of His coming. Jesus makes it clear that no guessing will be needed. If there is any doubt, then it isn’t Him. When He comes, everyone will know it.

Matthew 24:29-31

Jesus finishes the answer to the second question, about the sign of His coming. Jesus will gather His elect, shake the powers of the heavens, and come to earth on the clouds of glory. He will be seen by those on the earth, and the tribes of the earth will mourn.

Matthew 24:32-36

Jesus now answers the first question asked by the disciples, When will these things happen?

Matthew 24:37-41

Jesus continues His answer to the first question, having answered the three questions asked by the disciples in reverse order: When will these things happen?

Matthew 24:42-51

Jesus ends His answer of the three questions with an admonition to the disciples to be ready at all times.