Numbers 10 Commentary

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Numbers 10:1-10

The final preparation for leaving Sinai was to institute the blowing of two silver trumpets. They were to be used to gather the people together and to signal the time for the Israelites to begin the next step of their journey and when to prepare for war.

Numbers 10:11-13

At last, it was time for the Israelites to leave Sinai and begin their journey to the land of Canaan. The signal for them to move out was the movement of the cloud from its place over the tabernacle.

Numbers 10:14-28

Numbers 10:14–28 describes the order by which the tribes were to leave Sinai. It was the same order as described in Numbers 2:2 – 31.

Numbers 10:29-32

Numbers 10:29-32 contains the description of something that happened sometime before the Israelites departed Mount Sinai. It involved Moses trying to convince his brother-in-law Hobab to join the Israelites in their journey to Canaan.

Numbers 10:33-36

Numbers 10:33-36 gives an account of the first leg of the journey from Mount Sinai. It was a three-day trek. The ark led the way on their journey.