Numbers 11 Commentary

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Numbers 11:1-3

Sometime during the three-day journey described in chapter 10, the Israelites began to complain. The LORD heard it and became very angry, and He caused fire to burn at the edge of the camp. Moses intervened and the LORD ceased causing the fire.

Numbers 11:4-9

Not only did the Israelites complain to the LORD. The “rabble” also voiced their demands and disappointments. The main complaint in this section was about food.

Numbers 11:10-15

Verses 10 – 15 contain what some have called “Moses’ Lament.” Moses heard, and probably was the recipient of, the never-ending griping of the people in the camp about having only manna to eat. In verses 11 – 15, Moses took his impassioned complaint to the LORD.

Numbers 11:16-25

Numbers 11:16-25 contains the LORD’s answer to Moses’ question.

Numbers 11:26-30

Numbers 11:26-30 speak of two of the elders that did not meet with Moses and the other elders at the tent of meeting. It turned out that the Holy Spirit came upon them even though they were not at the tabernacle.

Numbers 11:31-35

After the seventy men had been commissioned, the LORD then met the people’s desire for meat in their diet. He caused a wind to blow countless quail into the Israelite camp to supply this meat.