Numbers 12 Commentary

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Numbers 12:1-3

Not long after the people complained about the LORD’s provision of food, Miriam and Aaron complained about Moses. They seemed to complain about his marriage to a Cushite woman, and they appeared to rebel against him being the only one to whom the LORD communicated.

Numbers 12:4-8

The LORD confronted Miriam and Aaron about their rebellious attitudes. He confirmed again that He had a special relationship with Moses, closer than He had with the prophets.

Numbers 12:9-15

When the cloud of the LORD departed from His meeting with Moses, Miriam, and Aaron, it became obvious that Miriam had a skin disease, probably leprosy. Aaron asked Moses to intercede and petition the LORD to heal her.

Numbers 12:16

After the seven days of Miriam’s time outside of the camp, the Israelites moved from where they were at Hazeroth to a place in a desert called Paran.