Numbers 8 Commentary

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Numbers 8:1-4

After the offerings of the tribes in chapter 7, the LORD then told Moses to instruct Aaron concerning the lighting of the lamps in the tabernacle. Aaron obeyed and placed the seven lamps in front of the lampstand. The lampstand’s construction was then described.

Numbers 8:5-7

In verses 5 – 22, the LORD described how Moses was to conduct the consecration (ordination) of the Levites into their service to the priests. It included inward and outward cleansing and a ceremony of commitment.

Numbers 8:8-11

Verses 8 – 11 are concerned with inward purification. Since this could be done only with sacrifice, a grain offering and a sin offering were required. This was to be done in front of all the Israelites.

Numbers 8:12-19

Having been inwardly and outwardly purified, the Levites now needed atonement. This involved the sacrifice of the two bulls supplied by the Levites and the presentation of them before Aaron.

Numbers 8:20-22

Verses 20 – 22 record the completion of the ceremony by the Israelites. It involved the purification of the Levites and their presentation to the people and to the LORD as being set apart to His service and the priests’ service. Once these things were done, the Levites began their service.

Numbers 8:23-26

In verses 23 – 26, the LORD added another requirement concerning the service of the Levites. They were to serve in the tabernacle from age 25 to age 50. Then they were to retire from active service. They were, however, allowed to help in certain situations, but they were not supposed to do any work in the tabernacle.