Revelation 22 Commentary

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Revelation 22:1-5

The angel continues to show John the new earth, which is a place with no curse where the people of God will live with Him face to face. 

Revelation 22:6-9

John’s impulse, as a result of what he has seen, is to fall down in worship. Believers are once again urged to read, hear, heed, and, like John, worship.

Revelation 22:10-15

God emphasizes that each person will receive a blessing based on the actions they chose in life, reiterating the idea that He is the first and last, repeated from the beginning of Revelation, to emphasize His power. 

Revelation 22:16-21

Revelation ends with an urge to believers to “come” and follow Christ, taking the free gift of the water of life. Jesus also warns those who would add or take away from these words given through John that they will have great adverse consequences for doing so.