Romans 3:3 meaning

Even though God has chosen Israel, He still allows the freedom for Israel, and all men, to believe. So if some did not choose to believe God’s word, it is because they decided not to. God, however, is always faithful.

Paul is working up to the specific slander the competing Jewish “authorities” have applied to Paul’s gospel message in Romans 3:8. They claim Paul teaches that it is good for believers to sin because it shows how merciful God is. But first Paul asks another rhetorical question that applies to these Jewish “authorities” (the “O Man”) who judge others for things they themselves practice. If these Jewish “authorities” read the Bible, claim to be experts in it, but don’t actually believe what it says, does that nullify the Bible and God’s faithfulness?

Certainly not! God’s faithfulness is completely independent of what men do. The Bible is true whether people believe it or not. Someone might believe the sun is not real, but that does not affect whether the sun shines. The fact that these competing Jewish “authorities” are hypocrites should not, in any way, negatively affect the faith the Roman believers have. It is common for people to say they don’t believe in God, citing the hypocrisy of those who believe God. Obviously this is nothing new. Paul points out, with irrefutable logic, that God is not altered by the hypocrisy of men.

Biblical Text

3 What then? If some did not believe, their unbelief will not nullify the faithfulness of God, will it?  

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