Naomi and Ruth return from Moab to Bethlehem. Since these two widows have no men to provide for them, Ruth takes the initiative to work by day in the field that she later discovers belongs to a relative of Naomi named Boaz. God uses Boaz to bless and provide for the daily needs of these two widows. This chapter demonstrates how the Lord can bring hope out of any bleak situation. No circumstance is too difficult for God.

Ruth 2:1-7

Since there was no one to provide for Ruth and Naomi, Ruth asked if she could go and glean grain to provide food.

Ruth 2:8-13

Boaz recognizes Ruth’s hardwork and care for her mother-in-law and tells her that he has instructed his servants not to touch her and that she should glean in his field and help herself to water.

Ruth 2:14-23

Boaz allows Ruth to eat with his workers and gives them further instructions to help her. Naomi is very glad when Ruth tells her she worked in Boaz’s field, she recognizes that he is a close relative.