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Numbers 9:14 meaning

The last principle concerning the Passover was that of a non-Israelite participating in the celebration. The LORD declared that they could observe the Passover according to the same rules that governed the Israelites' celebration.

The situation in verse 14 was if an alien sojourns among you (v. 14). The phrase alien sojourns is literally "sojourner sojourns." Both words are related to the Hebrew word "gur," which means "to travel, sojourn" but also can mean "to dwell with" or "to inhabit."   This was probably a reference to those non-Israelites who had escaped Egypt when the Israelites were allowed to leave and were living amongst them (Exodus 12:38).

If an alien observes the Passover to the Lord, it must be done according to the statute of the Passover and according to its ordinance. The statutes concerning a non-Israelite celebrating Passover were laid down in Exodus 12:48 - 49. The key requirement was that the alien (just like the Israelite) had to be circumcised beforehand. Once this had been done, then so he shall do.

This addition of the alien being included in the Passover is likely a picture of the grafting-in of the Gentiles that came through Jesus, who is the true Passover Lamb. Today, Gentile believers around the world participate in the ordinance of communion, which came out of a Passover meal Jesus had with His disciples (Luke 22:1, 14-20).

The controlling principle was this—there was to be one statute, both for the alien and for the native of the land. This was a restatement of the last phrase in Exodus 12:49.


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