2 Timothy 3 Commentary

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2 Timothy 3:1-9

Paul warns Timothy of the way men will behave in the last days before Christ’s return. Men will love themselves only, seek money, elevate themselves, exploit other people, hate goodness while pretending to be religious. Timothy ought to avoid men like this. These men will be like the two magicians who opposed Moses, with some brief displays of power that will ultimately be shown as nothing in comparison to God’s power. In the end everyone will see that these men wasted their lives.

2 Timothy 3:10-17

In contrast to the evil way men will behave in the last days, Paul points to himself as an example for Timothy to follow. Timothy spent years being mentored by Paul on missionary journeys. He knows of the many ways Paul suffered for Jesus, because all who walk with Jesus will be persecuted, yet the Lord rescues us and sustains us. Timothy does not need to look only at Paul for an example to imitate; he has known the scriptures since he was a boy. The scriptures are God’s word, given from the highest authority, and they can teach, correct, and equip all people to become who God made us to be.