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Ecclesiastes 10 Commentary

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Ecclesiastes 10:1-4 meaning

Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom and its effects/consequences are readily apparent. A little foolishness can poison a lot of wisdom. Wisdom requires making choices to act in ways that avoid emotional reactions.

Ecclesiastes 10:5-11 meaning

Solomon sees evidence of folly in society and warns against reacting to the mystery of life (hebel) with apathy, evil, or injustice. Wisdom is the true path to success.

Ecclesiastes 10:12-15 meaning

No one knows the future, no matter what they might think. The foolish avoid industry, think they can control circumstances, and fill the air with many words—all of which leads to madness and weariness.

Ecclesiastes 10:16-20 meaning

There is a time and place for pleasure, but when pleasure replaces industry, evil follows. Be judicious in what you say. Words have great impact and have a tendency to find their way to unintended audiences.