Exodus 12 Commentary

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Exodus 12:1-20

In preparation for the coming of the last plague, the LORD gave explicit instructions to Moses and Aaron about how to commemorate their deliverance by their LORD.

Exodus 12:21-28

Verses 21 – 28 record what Moses did after receiving the description of what the LORD was about to do.

Exodus 12:29-36

Verses 29-36 relate the coming of the tenth plague and its immediate aftermath. The time for judgment (on Egypt) and deliverance (for Israel) had come.

Exodus 12:37-41

Verses 37 – 41 summarize the exit from Egypt. Verse 37 itself is a turning point in the book of Exodus.

Exodus 12:43-51

Verses 43 – 51 contain more details about how and who could celebrate Passover. It was probably necessary to add these rules because so many non-Hebrews exited Egypt when they did.