Chapter 2 contains the story of the birth and the deliverance of the one who would lead the Israelites out of Egypt. It includes the birth and deliverance of Moses, his failure as deliverer, his exile from Egypt, and the beginnings of the work of the true Deliverer, the LORD.

Before Israel’s deliverance takes place, all of those involved needed to be prepared for the deliverance:

  • Moses the deliverer (2:23 – 4:24)
  • Israel the delivered (4:25 – 7:5)
  • Egypt the barrier to deliverance (7:6 – 11:10)

Chapter 2 can be outlined as follows:

  • The Birth of Moses (2:1-10).
  • Moses Flees to Midian (2:11-14).
  • Moses Settles in Midian (2:16-22)
  • God Begins His Deliverance of His People (2:23-25).

Exodus 2:1-10

This passage describes the hiding of a Levite baby in the reeds on the Nile River and how Pharaoh’s daughter went to bathe in the Nile and saw the basket with the baby Moses inside.

Exodus 2:16-22

Moses settles at a place called Midian and is welcomed by a family there.

Exodus 2:23-25

These verses not only serve as the introduction to a large section of the book of Exodus that describes the actual deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt (2:23-12:28). This passage (2:23 – 25) also introduces the account of the preparation of Moses. God responds to the cries for help from His covenant people who are in bondage.