Chapter 37 continues the account of the construction of the tabernacle and the items to be placed in the tabernacle. This chapter concentrates on the items that were to be used for worship inside the tabernacle.
The chapter can be outlined as follows:
The Building of the Ark (Exo. 37:1 – 9)
The Building of the Table (Exo. 37:10 – 16)
The Building of the Lampstand (Exo. 37:17 – 24)
The Building of the Altar of Incense (Exo. 37:25 – 28)

Exodus 37:1-9

The ark, the items required to carry the ark, the mercy seat, and the cherubim are constructed.

Exodus 37:10-16

The table of showbread and the items required to carry it are constructed.

Exodus 37:17-24

The lampstand is constructed.

Exodus 37:25-29

The altar of incense is constructed. The making of the anointing oil and the incense is described.