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Chapter 39

Exodus 39 Commentary

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Exodus 39:1 meaning

Material for the priestly garments is manufactured. The specifications for making the material was given in Exodus 28:5.

Exodus 39:2-7 meaning

The ephod is made. It is a special item of clothing for the high priest. It was fashioned of the material described in verse 1, along with twisted linen, as well as gold threads and onyx stones that would decorate it. The design of the ephod was given in Exodus 28:6 – 14.

Exodus 39:8-21 meaning

Along with the ephod, the high priest wore a breastpiece. It was made of the same material as the ephod and had twelve stones arranged in four rows on it. Other items associated with the breastpiece were also built. The design of the breastpiece was given in Exodus 28:15 – 30.

Exodus 39:22-26 meaning

The High Priest's robe is constructed. It was made of blue material and decorated with pomegranates and gold bells. The design of the robe was given in Exodus 28:31 – 34.

Exodus 39:27-29 meaning

Other garments to be worn by the priests are made. These garments included the turban, caps, breeches, and the sash. The design of these items was given in Exodus 28:39 – 43.

Exodus 39:30-31 meaning

Attached to the turban was its most prominent feature—the plate. It was engraved and fastened to the turban with a blue sash. The design of the golden plate was given in Exodus 28:36 – 38.

Exodus 39:32-43 meaning

Verses 32 – 43 contain an inventory of the materials used to make the tabernacle and its furnishings. It signaled the completion of the tabernacle and listed the materials involved in its construction. Included in this section is a recognition of the people's obedience by following the LORD's instructions given to Moses. As a result, Moses blessed them.