Genesis 10 Commentary

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Genesis 10:1-5

After the flood, the world begins to repopulate. Japheth had seven sons. His eldest Gomer had three sons and Javan had four sons. These families moved north, some settling in coastlands.

Genesis 10:6-8

Ham fathered four sons. Cush had six sons, including Nimrod. Raamah had two sons. Nimrod was a great leader.

Genesis 10:9-14

Nimrod was a mighty hunter. He built the kingdom of Babel and in Assyria, he built the city of Nineveh. Mizraim had seven sons.

Genesis 10:15-20

Canaan was the father of eleven sons. The land of the Canaanites was called Canaan which later was conquered by the Jews. Ham had a total of 30 descendants.

Genesis 10:21-24

Shem had five sons. Aram was the father of four sons. Arpachshad was the grandfather of Eber and an ancestor of Abraham.

Genesis 10:25-29

Eber had two sons. Joktan had thirteen sons. Peleg fathered two sons, one of them was Abraham.

Genesis 10:30-32

Shem had twenty-six descendants listed in the table of nations. A total of seventy nations were credited to Noah by his descendants.