Genesis 23 Commentary

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Genesis 23:1-4

Sarah dies at the age of 127 years. Abraham mourns for his wife Sarah and then begins to look for a burial site for her.

Genesis 23:5-9

The sons of Heth offer Abraham the choice of their gravesites. Abraham asks them to speak to Ephron about the cave at Machpelah which he owns.

Genesis 23:10-11

Ephron heard Abraham’s offer and replies that he is willing to give the land, including the cave, to Abraham for free.

Genesis 23:12-16

Abraham again offers to pay for the land and cave. Ephron says the land was worth 400 shekels of silver. So, Abraham purchases the land and cave for that amount.

Genesis 23:17-20

hron’s field and cave are deeded over to Abraham and become his property. This is witnessed by the sons of Heth. Abraham buries Sarah in the cave of the field at Machpelah.