Genesis chapter six covers the beginning of the famous flood story of Noah and the ark. During the time of Noah, the world had become a terrible place. The earth was filled with violence. Every thought and action was motivated by wicked intent. God’s kindness and warnings to mankind had not been successful, man chose to carry on in his evil ways. God sent His judgment in the form of a flood, wiping out wickedness from the earth. Only Noah (who was faithful and obedient to God) and his family were saved. In the flood story, we find divine judgment as well as God’s grace.

Genesis 6:1-4

The world’s population continued to grow. The “sons of God” took wives from the daughters of men. God says He will not strive with mankind forever because man is sinful. The “Nephilim” were old mighty men of renown.

Genesis 6:5-8

God saw that the wickedness of man was great and there was only evil in his heart continually. This grieved the Lord. God decided to bring a judgment to the world. Noah was the only one who found favor in God’s sight.

Genesis 6:9-13

Noah was a righteous man. He had three sons; Shem, Ham, and Japheth. God told Noah He was about to destroy the world.

Genesis 6:14-18

God tells Noah to make an ark and gives him specific instructions how to build it. God reminds Noah of the judgment of the flood and that everything on the earth will perish. God establishes a covenant with Noah and his family shall be saved.

Genesis 6:19-22

God gives Noah further instructions for the ark. Two of every kind (a male and female) shall come to the ark to be saved. Birds, animals, and creeping things were to be kept alive. Then God told Noah to store food for both his family and the livestock. Noah did all that God commanded.