Hosea 9 Commentary

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Hosea 9:1-6

Hosea urges Israel not to rejoice with pagan feasting of prostitutes during their plentiful harvest because the Suzerain (ruler) God will send them into exile in the land of Assyria, where they will remain.

Hosea 9:7-9

Hosea tells Israel that the time of judgment has arrived. It has come upon her because she has been hostile toward God’s prophets and has sunk very low in morals, even to the level of gross exploitation and murder, as evidenced by reference to a story from Judges.

Hosea 9:10-14

Hosea tells Israel that although He was pleased with her in her youth, her disobedience and devotion to Baal worship and its attending culture of exploitation will cause her to go into exile.

Hosea 9:15-17

The LORD states that Israel’s bad leaders and wicked behavior will cause her to be dried up like a tree whose growth depends on a strong root system. Because of her wickedness, Israel will be exiled and wander among the nations.