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Chapter 25

Isaiah 25 Commentary

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Isaiah 25:1 meaning

Isaiah begins a prophetic song of praise by proclaiming to the LORD that He is God. And he promises to exalt His name for the wonderful things He has done—things which were planned long ago that have been performed with perfect faithfulness.

Isaiah 25:2-5 meaning

Isaiah prophesies about the future doom of "the city" by means of the prophetic past tense. This proud city who opposed God and oppressed His people will be defeated. The strong kingdoms of the world will gape in reverent awe at what the LORD of Hosts has done to it. The weak will rejoice in the LORD's liberation of them.

Isaiah 25:6-9 meaning

Isaiah prophesies about a lavish banquet that the LORD of Hosts will prepare to celebrate His victories over the kingdoms of the earth. This Messianic Banquet will also celebrate the LORD of Host's victory over sin and death. He will wipe away all tears and sorrow. Isaiah teaches that this day is the day that God's people have long awaited.

Isaiah 25:10-12 meaning

Isaiah predicts the humiliating defeat of God's enemies with a graphic image of how the LORD of hosts (armies) will push down Moab's face into a giant manure pile as Moab flails like a swimmer to escape the suffocating stench.