Matthew 14 Commentary

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Matthew 14:1-2

Herod hears about the miracles of Jesus and incorrectly presumes that Jesus is John the Baptist returned to life.

Matthew 14:3-12

Matthew narrates the fate of John the Baptist. He tells why he was imprisoned and how he came to be gruesomely executed by Herod.

Matthew 14:13-14

Jesus is back in Galilee. Having learned of the murder of John the Baptist, He seeks a place of solitude. He gets in a boat to find a secluded place, but the crowds see and follow Him on foot. When Jesus gets to shore He has compassion for them and heals their sick.

Matthew 14:15-21

Jesus multiplies the provisions of five loaves and two fish to feed over five thousand people. This miracle parallels the God’s provision of manna for the children of Israel in the wilderness during the time of Moses.

Matthew 14:22-33

As night falls Jesus sends His disciples in a boat to the other side of the lake (Galilee) while He remains behind to pray. A fierce storm arises and strands the boat out on the sea for hours. As the disciples struggle to navigate their boat to shore Jesus appears walking on the water.

Matthew 14:34-36

Jesus and disciples arrive ashore and the word quickly spreads of His arrival. The people bring many who are sick to be healed by Jesus.