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Philippians 1 Commentary

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Philippians 1:1 meaning

Paul and Timothy greet the believers in Philippi, including the elders, who tend to the spiritual needs of the believers, and to the deacons, who tend to the material needs.

Philippians 1:2-6 meaning

Paul extends favor and peace to the Philippians. He expresses how thankful he is in his prayers concerning them. They have financially supported Paul throughout his ministry, so he views them as co-laborers, and is confident that Jesus will continue to work through their faithfulness until His return.

Philippians 1:7-11 meaning

Paul references that he is currently imprisoned (in Rome, under house arrest). He tells the Philippians how dear they are to him, that they share the favor from God that he receives for suffering for Christ, since they are faithful witnesses and supporters of his ministry. He encourages them to grow in love and understanding, to pursue all good things until Christ returns, experiencing the result of living harmoniously with one another, which brings glory to God.

Philippians 1:12-18a meaning

Despite being imprisoned in Rome, Paul's ministry has increased. He has become well known to the emperor's guards and has preached the gospel to them. The believers in Rome have grown more courageous in sharing their faith. But there are some who preach Christ to earn status among the believers; they think that since Paul is a prisoner, they have an opportunity to gain influence in the church. But Paul is happy that the gospel is preached, whether the motive is pure or selfish.

Philippians 1:18b-21 meaning

Paul rejoices even though he is imprisoned, even though some people are preaching the gospel for selfish reasons. He views his circumstances as positive, because they embolden him to continue to preach Christ with all his strength. Whether he is executed or freed, he will exalt Christ, and will not forsake his calling. If he lives, Paul gets to continue to preach Christ. If he dies, he gets to be with Christ in glory. Either circumstance is favorable.

Philippians 1:22-26 meaning

Paul admits he wants to be with Christ, for that will be far better than remaining on earth. But he is convinced that he will be set free from imprisonment so that he can continue his ministry. Specifically, Paul anticipates returning to Philippi to further grow and mature the believers there.

Philippians 1:27-30 meaning

Paul urges the Philippians to live out a life that reflects the gospel of Christ. Specifically, he wants to see that they work together in harmonious cooperation in their ministry, and not be divided, nor should they be frightened when enemies oppose them. The fact that anyone opposes them means they are honoring God, and that those who attack them will be judged for it by God. The Philippians have been given the privilege of suffering for Christ, just as Paul has suffered; it is a badge of honor that we suffer for Christ, for it means rewards in the next life, and a fulfilling life of faith in the present.