David, who was no stranger to turmoil, authors this beautiful psalm about the eternal comfort of God and the results of His constant presence.

By using a variety of familiar metaphors—shepherding, eating meals—and a variety of nature’s best images, David eloquently describes the peace, comfort, and prosperity that comes alongside the presence of God.

Psalm 23 is popular because it acknowledges the reality of danger, hurt, and chaos. But it speaks to God’s presence in the midst of those circumstances. In all circumstances, really.

This psalm is divided in two parts. The first three verses refer to God as “He,” with David talking about God. In the second half of the psalm, David moves to talking directly to God, referring to Him as “you.”

With power and imagery that would be familiar in any modern worship hymn, David gets at the heart of what makes life with God so incredible. It is good. It comforts us in all situations. It allows us to rest, and to produce. It relentlessly pursues us and invites us into itself.

Psalm 23 declares a powerful message. God is eternal, consistent, and transcendent. He is our peace and our dwelling place. He is our home.

Please choose a passage to read our commentary:

Psalm 23:1-3

David acknowledges the sovereignty of God, His protection and guidance, and the effects of His presence in a communal proclamation of worship.

Psalm 23:4-6

No matter what circumstances abound, God transcends it all. He provides now and forevermore, to great affect in both this human life and the one to come.