Psalms 31 Commentary

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Psalm 31:1-5

Psalm 31:1-5 begins with a prayer of complete trust in the LORD. David, the psalmist petitions God to save him and tells the LORD that he trusts Him even unto death. Jesus the Messiah quotes Psalm 31:5 with His final statement from the cross. 

Psalm 31:6-8

David the psalmist chooses to align himself with the LORD and against those who regard vain idols. He expresses confidence that the LORD will rescue him from his enemies. Psalm 31:6-8 is prophetic of how Jesus entrusts himself to the LORD instead of following the vain religious leaders of His day.

Psalm 31:9-13

David pours out his grief over how he has been made a reproach to his neighbors because of the deadly slanders and schemes of his enemies. This portion of Psalm 31 is prophetic of how Jesus is abandoned by His disciples as His enemies conspire to destroy Him.

Psalm 31:14-18

David continues to trust God, knowing that He is in control of His life. He asks for God to vindicate Him and to silence His adversaries. This portion of Psalm 31 is prophetic of how the LORD will vindicate Jesus and silence His enemies.

Psalm 31:19-22

David praises the LORD for His goodness in how He marvelously rescued him from his enemies and for the great reward which God blessed him with because he was faithful. This portion of Psalm 31 is prophetic of how God miraculously rescued Jesus from His enemies and greatly exalted Him for His obedience unto death. 

Psalm 31:23-24

Psalm 31 concludes with an exhortation to trust the LORD no matter what and to be strong and courageous as we hope in Him.