Psalms 35 Commentary

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Psalm 35:1-3

David petitions God to advocate on His behalf against those who contend and fight against him. He puts his trust in the LORD for his deliverance. This is prophetic of how Jesus entrusts His case to the LORD during His illegal religious trials.

Psalm 35:4-8

David petitions the LORD to defeat, humiliate, scatter, and destroy his enemies. If the LORD does this, then David will be saved/delivered from his enemies.

Psalm 35:9-10

David offers his first of three praises within Psalm 35. His praise is an expression of gratitude (and probably faith in) God for saving him. David’s praise is prophetic of Jesus the Messiah’s resurrection and salvation from death.

Psalm 35:11-17

David accuses his enemies of maliciously repaying the good he did for them with evil. He reports how they falsely accuse him, and recounts his heartfelt love and acts of service to them during their time of sickness.

Psalm 35:18

David offers his second interlude of praises within Psalm 35. He promises to publicly praise God in the future. The placement of this praise surrounded by desperate petitions serves as an expression of faith or as a reminder that God is faithful—or both of these things.

Psalm 35:19-21

David petitions God to not allow his enemies to get away with slandering him. His petitions are prophetic of how Jesus the Messiah was slandered during His trials.

Psalm 35:22-27

David petitions God to intervene and judge his case. He believes if God does this then he will be vindicated as his adversaries are humiliated. This is prophetic of God vindicating Jesus from the unjust treatment His Son received from His accusers. 

Psalm 35:28

David concludes Psalm 35 with a promise and invitation to his readers to join him in declaring and praising the LORD for his righteousness all day long.